Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Time Card Fraud Follow Up Complaint Letter Received

Prior Complaint

Several Franklin County Offices received a follow up complaint letter related to the time card fraud investigation reported in 2018 and the beginning of 2019 (please see my prior post for details.)

Another Complaint Letter Received 12-2-2019

I encourage the letter writer to come forward so we can more thoroughly respond and investigate their concerns.  

The link below will open a PDF version of the entire paper letter we received. 

Time Card Fraud Follow Up Complaint Letter Received 12-2-2019


Thursday, March 7, 2019

SAO Time Card Fraud Conclusions 1-30-2019

The SAO has released the results of their investigation in to time card fraud.  A link is provided below for a PDF version.  Please contact County Auditor Matt Beaton at mbeaton@co.franklin.wa.us for any questions.

Franklin County Time Card Fraud

Click here to read the report:  SAO Timecard Fraud Conclusions 1-30-2019 PDF

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Franklin County Election Results Final 11-27-2018

The Franklin County Canvassing Board certified the 2018 General Election today.  Below is our reconciliation sheet and a link to the individual election results.

2018 Franklin County General Election Reconciliation Form

To view election reconciliation sheet click here.

To view individual election results click here.

Monday, November 5, 2018

News Release Franklin County Making Progress on Aid to Veterans

NEWS RELEASE                                

For information contact: Franklin County Auditor (509) 545-3840, auditor@co.franklin.wa.us, www.co.franklin.wa.us/auditor

Franklin County Making Progress on Aid to Veterans

Pasco, WA, November 2, 2018 — Franklin County is making progress in providing emergency assistance to Veterans who reside in the County. This following a 2018 State Auditor’s report that identified fraud, failures by oversight and broken laws.  The circumstances led to years of undeserving veterans and fraud as reported by the Tri-City Herald.

Franklin County Auditor, Matt Beaton, alerted the Washington State Auditor to the problem and an investigation ensued.  “Due to the work of the County Auditor Financial staff, this program is getting cleaned up. They helped discover and prosecute fraud and reached out to counties with similar programs around the state to develop “Best Practice” options for the New Advisory Board to consider,” Beaton said. “Ending the fraud and lack of oversight in this Veterans program is particularly satisfying.  Lots of people talk about helping others, the actions of these staff are leading to real improvement in services,” Beaton added.  A group committed to veterans has stepped up and are serving on the new Franklin County Veteran’s Advisory Board.  This Board will meet periodically and report to the Commissioners on the status of the program. 

Franklin County received a management letter from the Washington State Auditor’s Office as part of an accountability audit completed in April, 2018.  The Franklin County Auditor self-reported to the State Auditor that the county was out of compliance with the commissioners’ Veteran’s policy which required the commissioners establish a Veteran’s Advisory Board to assist with administering funds meant to provide emergency assistance.  As a result, the commissioners are focusing on improving the program.  They have now established an advisory board who is becoming active in assisting Veterans who reside in Franklin County with emergency aid including food, gas and housing.

Supporting documents:

Friday, September 28, 2018

Franklin County Financial Statemens and Federal Single Audit Report for 2017 Released by SAO

Check out the full report on the State Auditor's website by clicking here.

I have also posted the exit recommendations for your review.  Exit items don't make it in the final report, but highlight deficiencies that should be corrected. You can review the exit recommendations by clicking here.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Franklin County Clerk Fraud Investigation 4-30-2018

The Washington State Auditor's Office has released a fraud report surrounding a recent loss of funds in the County Clerk's Office.

For the SAO 2016 Accountability Audit report click here

Previous audit findings from the State Auditor issued regarding the County Clerk's office:

  • 2012 SAO issued a management letter that can be found by clicking here
  • 2011 SAO issued a management letter that can be found by clicking here

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Franklin County Accountability Audit Released by SAO 4-30-2018

The Washington State Auditor has released the Franklin County 2016 accountability audit.  A finding at the TRAC facility was issued.  A management letter detailing issues detected in the County Veteran's Assistance Program are also reported.

For your convenience you can find the most recent SAO Accountability report here by clicking here 

Previous Audits of TRAC:

The previous TRAC finding from 3-4-2014 can be found by clicking here

2015 TRAC Exit Items click here

Management Letter dated 2-26-2016 regarding the sale of TRAC land can be found by clicking here

The results of the ClifftonLarsonAllen LLP accounting firm audit and their recommendations can be found by clicking here

Veteran's Program Information:

Current Veteran's Program policy and commissioners' resolution click here

Management Letter issued by the Washington State Auditor's office regarding issues with the program click here

Time Card Fraud Follow Up Complaint Letter Received

Prior Complaint Several Franklin County Offices received a follow up complaint letter related to the time card fraud investigation reporte...